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What follows is my Cleanse Catalyst Plus short list and it might come in handy at this time of year when sweets and traditional goodies rule.Here's another tradition that rules; if you avoid having something sweet when you crave it, and it will not pass-as in "this too shall..." It simply gets stuffed and when the pressure of life or sweet cravings is turned up it will explode into what I like to call the "I just ate the entire box/bag/pint-no make that quart-and I have no idea why" tradition.Go with your gut when it cries out for a morsel of love in the form of sugar. The world won't end as you know it and one serving won't make your butt look fat in that Santa suit. Dark Chocolate-If you've been living in a cave then you won't have noticed the explosion of dark chocolate products everywhere. For you cave dwellers here is the short version of why. It has been discovered that dark chocolate contains powerful anti-oxidants similar to those found in red wine. Flavanoids, as these antioxidants are called, are specifically helpful to the heart, contributing to lower blood pressure, flexible arterial walls and a reduced risk of clotting. The darker the chocolate the more "phenols" will be found in your chocolate of choice. If the chocolate has nuts all the better. Nuts add protein, vitamins, and fiber to your indulgence.

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