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 This August my husband Wayne and myself will have been Members of The AIM Companies™ for twenty-four years. No small feat in this day and age with the multitude of products, services and network marketing companies in the marketplace. When we first joined up with AIM, they had only one product, and the whole concept of sharing this product with others and to have the opportunity to make money doing so, was entirely new to us. Over the years, AIM has expanded their product line to include additional whole food concentrates and nutritional supplements, and they also carry a few personal care products now. We haven't made a fortune with AIM, but we have managed to build a respectable sized downline, earn enough money every month to pay for the products we take, pay for advertising, and tuck a little away. We couldn't have asked to be affiliated with a better company. Because of what we have managed to accomplish, we are consistently being presented with other opportunities. Having our own website and promoting the AIM products through various other means as well, we tend to draw others to us hoping we'll bite and run with what they have to offer. Just this past week we were once again presented with yet another "opportunity to make money". In fact, this latest proposal even touted the company gives away free cars. Wow, who wouldn't want a free car! There isn't a month that goes by without someone presenting us with an opportunity to make money, and every time we open our emails there are numerous schemes we could join up with to "get rich quick". "Ground floor opportunity", "pre-launch", "nothing like it on the market", "brand-new in the country", "grassroots" and "don't miss out" are all phrases used to create a sense of urgency to make sure we get in before the opportunity is lost. The problem with this is, if you have to get involved with a company right away, who doesn't even have a sound track record, it should throw up the red flags and make you suspicious of their motives. If you're told how easy it will be to make money and that you will make a lot of money in a very short period of time, we suggest you run for the nearest door. There is no such thing as quick and easy money. And if there is, it is most likely illegal-unless you win the lottery. 

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