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Joint Pain Relief Codes Our temperature affects every aspect of our lives. It's often referred to as our internal clock that makes us sleep and keeps us awake. The rise and fall of our temperature is a sign four our body to produce the feelings of being awake or being tired. When your body temperature begins to fall you will start feeling tired. On the other hand, when your body temperature rises you will feel more energetic and alert. Remember that your temperature is going to rise and fall throughout the day depending on your activities and surroundings. It's no surprise when we put large physical demands on ourselves our body temperature is going to increase. Incidentally when you stop a physically demanding activity your body temperature is going to fall. If you work an 8 hour shift at a job that requires intense activity it is no surprise that when you get home you feel tired. You're not necessarily tired; you're just feeling a natural response from your body due to the drop in temperature. Once your body temperature evens out you won't feel tired anymore. You normally have to fight the feeling to sleep for 10 or 15 minutes and everything is fine. If you can't fight off the urge to sleep it is recommended that you don't exceed 45 minutes. You want to avoid any longer than 45 minutes so you don't go into a deep sleep. It's natural to feel drowsy immediately after waking up because your melatonin levels are higher. Have you ever noticed that after 20 minutes to an hour after waking up you no longer feel tired? The reason this occurs is because we are moving around and this fires up our body temperature.   

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