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The Slim Belly Review If you want to burn belly fat through exercise, you have to do exercises that are multiple joint exercises. Meaning, you move multiple joints of your body at once. An example of such exercise are lunges. While doing lunges you move your arms and legs. You also use your abdominal muscles to maintain stability. Lunges are much more effective that crunches or sit ups if you want to lose belly fat. Another great exercise to lose belly fat is jumping jacks. When you are doing jumping jacks, you are moving multiple joints. You move your legs arms and knees. You use your abdomen section to maintain upright and the jumping and down part makes your midsection work, allowing you to lose belly fat without you having to go to the floor and do sit ups. Another good exercise is the side dumbbell side bend. If you have a set of dumbbells, you simply hold the dumbbell with one of your arms and set it to your side, just as if you were standing with your hands on your side. With the dumbbell on your left hand, you want to bend to the right as far as you can go. Make sure to keel your head, neck and back straight. You will feel the burn of this exercise and it will cause your body to lose belly fat from the sides and stomach area. It will also build up your abs to give you a nice, defined look. Sometimes doing exercise does not let you burn belly fat as well as you would like. For those situations, you need to get some help. There are natural supplements that you can take that will aid your body and let you lose belly fat more easily than doing exercise alone.


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