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 Manifestation Miracle Review  It's one of those words that people are using a lot thanks to the slew of new books, infomercials, and movies that proclaim that nothing is earned and nothing is worked for, rather things "manifest" in one's life - as long as they "ask" or "think" the right things. Want a car? Visualize it. Think about it. Feel it. And then ... *BAM* ... It will "manifest" in your life. How about a million dollars? No problem! Once again, visualize it and feel it, and then ... *POOF* ... Buy that lottery ticket and get to drive to get your winnings. Does that sound silly? I hope that it does. Unfortunately, that is what is being taught as personal development nowadays. I hate the word "manifest" or "manifesting" - at least the way it is used in today's personal development lexicon. Instead of working for something or earning something, many people today are being tricked into thinking that they  can "manifest" anything merely by thinking about it. Unfortunately, it's not merely a silly notion, it is one that is seriously ruining many peoples' chances at a successful and happy life. I surprise a lot of people when I say that I don't read many self-help books. When I do read one, I tend to stick with the old ones - the classics. Of course Haanel is at the top of the list, but so are Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Claude M. Bristol, and a few others. When you read the classics, you'll find that work and service are integral parts of being successful. Yes, having a positive mindset and thinking good thoughts are important, but not nearly as important as getting out there and doing it. It is only in the doing and the serving of others that one can achieve any kind of success, be it in business, a career, or a relationship.

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