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Manifestation Miracle Review Society dictates that life is only successful if you have wealth and fame. Manifested through media, pop culture and common perceptions, directly or indirectly, society equates success only with the economics of life as if that this is the only ground where a person evolves. Liberal thinking says that life can simply be spelled as satisfaction. If you feel healthy, contented, happy, and fulfilled but not exactly wealthy, nobody can just say that you are not successful in life. You felt and dealt with your life exactly the way you wanted it because you are in total control and this satisfies your existence. If you can only think as positively as this, you are assured of a clearer way in the future. But like many other endeavors, there are no straight roads only rocky roads with holes. There is no promise of immediate grandeur. You have to work your way towards satisfaction. It is not a sweet fruit on the tree ready to be picked. But, there is no cause for worry because maps and guides are provided for you to cling on as you take your journey to ultimate satisfaction in life. 

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