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The 4 Percent Group Review Marketing reporting solutions can make a big impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Not only can your channels be collected into one area for a better idea of your overall marketing goals and direction, but you can also glean precious information about them that otherwise would likely not be available or understood. View, in real time, the results of your efforts and compare them to past use of that channel, or to other channels. To find the right marketing reporting solution for you, you will need to understand what to look for. Ease of Use While trying to find a marketing reporting solution, compare their ease of use. Pay attention to how each requires you to upload your company's data, spreadsheets, and other content. It should require little effort and time to convert your information, or to learn how to use any of the tools. It shouldn't require an IT professional to install or set up for you. Make sure that anyone in the marketing department can begin and maintain it. The dashboard should be designed in an efficient way, that allows you to quickly see the information you use most. If any part of the process is cumbersome, find another option. Reporting Capabilities The types of reports that a marketing reporting solution can create is also important for your decision. If the data isn't compiled in a way that can be quickly and easily read, then there is no benefit. Logical tables and graphs comparing the success and weakness of various channels should be the highlight. If the reports can be run and accessed quickly, then the program will become a useful business tool. In a good report, the content can not only show you how things perform, but where changes can be made. It can also a great way to provide information to shareholders, marketing directors, and the C-suite set. The strength of a marketing reporting solution is in its ability to create ad hoc and standing reports. 

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