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Fast Fx Profit Review Sitting still in confined places is one of the worst punishments that can be inflicted on the human species. Yet, this is what we require of students in school."~ Edward T Hall. There has been loads of research about the human brain and how it learns. Because of its complexity most theories use metaphors to explain how we learn in an over-simplified way. If you are a coach, leader or a learning professional knowing this is extremely valuable if you want to create compelling, engaging and effective learning environments. To make natural learning much more interesting, effective and faster it's important to use the whole brain. Your mind and body are inter-connected in a myriad of ways. Therefore, learning happens at a mind, body, emotional and a cellular level... It's not just confined to your head! However, education has traditionally taught us to separate the mind and body. Most learning is undertaken by the "head" rational processes ignoring the senses and our feelings. As we grow, the dis-connection between the mind and body becomes wider. Feelings are pushed down or ignored as these are seen as 'soft' and 'weak.' We are taught to sit down, stay still and learn!

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