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 The Instant Switch If you are seeking the best way to cure toe nail fungus, then the insights in this article will greatly help you choose which among the numerous options you have is well suited for you. The market is flooded with tens and hundreds of medications for your fungal infections; choosing which one among them is just one of the challenges you need to deal with because aside from using products to treat this condition, there are also a lot of home remedies available that are widely used among many people which offers better alternative solution in solving this problem. One of the popular home remedy technique used by hundreds of people around the world to cure toe nail infection is foot bath using various mixtures of essential oils and herbs; the most commonly used foot bath is vinegar which is cheaper and effective for this purpose. Other people also use Listerine because of its antiseptic effects; however, Listerine is also quite expensive considering the fact that you have to use it every day for the next couple of weeks or months. If you add up your expenses in purchasing this over-the-counter product, it is already worth a fortune. In other instances, Vicks Vaporub is directly applied to the infected area in combination with other essential oils like the famous tea tree oil; while other users simply tea tree oil alone as their home remedy to treat this condition. The main advantages in using home remedies are less expensive, except using Listerine and Vicks; and it is also safer compared to using expensive prescription medicines which usually have adverse events related with their regular use. However, the procedure is not backed by clinical studies to prove its efficacy compared to using drugs approved by the US FDA. Another option for you to cure toe nail infection is to use products made of herbs and essential oils that comes from natural sources. This is like using the same herbs and oils that makes home remedy technique effective and safe; except that everything is already contained in one product.

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