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  Acne No More Taking care of your skin is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle that you should be following, a good skin care routine will help you keep your skin youthful for a long time, however usually during our thirties aging imperfections start to appear such as eye bags.The problem with eye bags is that they don't look good and make you look many years older, this is why you should take care of under eye wrinkles and your overall facial skin.But how do you get rid of eye bags? There are some natural home remedies, surgery treatments, creams and gels. If you are going to be using a cream or product around your eyes you have to be careful because that part of your facial skin is very sensitive and delicate. A common home remedy is to apply cucumber slices in your closed eyes for about 15 minutes a day, many people have used and it has proven to reduce puffiness around the eyes. There are other homemade remedies such as using cool tea bags which reduces discoloration and swelling. On the other hand surgery treatments are used in cases where bags are a cause of aging and you cant get rid of them, however that should be your last choice, now there are some gels with natural ingredients that can make a huge improvement.Topical creams and gels are your other option, some experts don't recommend heavy creams because the skin around the eyes is very delicate and can result in puffy and swollen eyes.Especially creams with chemicals are dangerous for the eyes and you should avoid them, but there are a few gels made of natural ingredients that are safe to use and prevent to reduce eye bags and puffiness.

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