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The multiple ways to hire a matchmaker are anywhere from registering online with the matchmakers The Language Of Desire proprietary database for free, some charge $25 for the application process and some charge an in person fee to be met with and interviewed. 

Some matchmakers work with men and women who retain their services and become clients. Some become members hoping to be fixed up with the client. The matchmaker then pairs the client up with a potential match who are members in the database. Some matchmakers only work with men who retain their services and match them with women who are members in their database.

Now comes the breakdown of the many ways to hire a matchmaker. First and most common way, it to hire a matchmaker and pay the fee upfront. Most matchmakers in large metropolitan cities charge between $6,000 to $50,000. In the state of New York, there are matchmaking laws that the attorney general has written and matchmakers must follow. Its called the General Business Law 394-C and basically states that you must offer 12 introductions over a 12 month period, not to exceed 24 months. If you charge over $1,000, you must include ancillary services. By including ancillary services, you are allowed to charge more than $1,000.


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