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The Awakened Source Review You should manage stress so that you don't end up making your partner unhappy. A mind that is relaxed is able to think clearly. When you are relaxed you will socialize with people easily and more so feel at ease with your partner. Stress makes it difficult for you to face each day with determination and also to work towards a happy marriage. Mentors help us to control the level of our stress by encouraging us. There are many things that cause stress. Some of these things will make a person to worry too much causing him to panic. When you panic you act in an irrational way.We should learn how to control our worries. If there is a problem that you are facing right now then it is time for you to look for ways of solving it instead of sitting and worrying. Most couples tend to build up stress due to having emotional feelings that are negative. Some of the things that cause emotional feelings that are negative among couples are unpaid bills, problems in raising children and job related problems. Of course, we don't expect to stay in a marriage that doesn't have problems. We should know that problems are part of our lives. This being so, you should learn ways that you can use to overcome problems in your marriage together with your partner.If you let stress to accumulate, it will end up ruining your marriage. It will make you to appear as if you are sick because it destroys your confidence and self-esteem. It has already ruined many marriages. Stress will steal joy and happiness from you. You should always work every day to control stress before it ruins your marriage. Remember that if stress is not managed it will make you to be depressed. This may end up causing diseases such as high blood pressure and ulcers. Use your inner strength to overcome stress. You should never allow stress to affect your life to a point where you are not able to think clearly.What are the ways that you can use to reduce or overcome stress? There are several ways that you can use to reduce stress or overcome it. One of the most commonly used way is meditation.  

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