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Erectile Dysfunction Herbs  If you are interesting in how to overcome fatigue of shift work, chances are you are suffering with sleeping during the day. Shift work is essential for many industries as closing large plants or operations down is very uneconomical. However, working though the night and sleeping during the day can take a lot of getting used to. It's unnatural. This means, your energy may be down during the day, your concentration may not be so sharp. Accidents are more likely to occur during these times. Add to that the normal sequence of alternating night with day shift work, and that's really hard to get used to,. No sooner have you got used to one routine, than it's changed. Although this makes adapting much more difficult in the short run, it is better for you to have the normal day time activities with sleep at night. It restores your natural biorhythms, at least for a short time. If you suffer from the effects of shift work with an inability to sleep deeply or properly, then by taking the homeopathic medicine Arnica just before you need to sleep, can help you sleep so much better. Arnica is normally known for its abilities in resolving injuries and their consequences. But it is capable of restoring balance in more areas that injuries and traumas. And shift work is one of those areas. It doesn't matter if you're a factory worker, a mine worker, a security guard, a pilot or simply work longer hours, well into the evening, Arnica can help you relax enough to get into a deep sleep. You may need to take it each time you want to sleep, or you may find that a few doses gets you into the rhythm and you don't need it much after that. Working out whichever works for you may need some experimenting on your part. 

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