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Interventions are listed here from most expensive Blackout USA to least. A guardian ad litem and custody evaluators can assess the capacity of each parent to prepare and promote parenting time. Parenting coordination provides education, mediation and arbitration. Family Restructuring Therapy teaches co-parents how to cooperate in the best interest of the children. Reunification Therapy bolsters a new relationship between parent and child. Mediation can be used to develop parenting plans. Co-parenting education is widely available, even online. Many helpful resources such as checklists, online tools, and a very low cost online basic parenting education course are available for download or review on Dr. Favaro's website. The least expensive and least time-consuming option may be refused: "Removal of privileges and a clear show of support for visitation with the visiting parent can often completely eliminate visitation refusal problems" (Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D.). 

Most kids know that if a parent means what they say, they will have consequences. Supervised visits, which may be necessary, may mean to the child or parent that the supervised parent is bad and confirm parent's and child's fears. The transition to supervised visits is interesting, because it can encourage the child play it up versus act naturally. On the positive side, supervised visitation can also be used to jump-start a stalled relationship if the supervisor is friendly and the environment is conducive to building a positive relationship. Children who refuse to go in the room with the other parent while one parent is consoling, over time become comfortable and feel less of a need to show ambivalence. Dr Favaro adds, "Research performed in my office indicates that the easiest way to achieve reconciliation with a child who does not want to visit is to make small talk, and not talk about the 'family situation.'

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