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Described in the position of the feet squat Bar 4. Begin by gently lower the bar to bend your knees and hips, keeping your back straight and head up. It continues down until the angle between the upper leg and calf is slightly less than 90 degrees. Inspira while doing this move. 5. the process for the recommended amount of repetitions 6. Expires and get up when you press the floor with your heels, stretch your legs and return to starting position. 7. Repeat points 4 to 6 the number of times recommended. Tip: If you do this exercise correctly, your knees should be an imaginary perpendicular line with toes. If your knees go this imaginary line (if they pass  Noxitril  the level of the feet) you are putting unnecessary pressure on the knees and the exercise is being poorly executed. Caution : This exercise should not be taken lightly. If you have back problems, replaced by a variation of squats with barbells or the leg press. If you do not have back problems, make sure you do this exercise with correct posture and never descontraias back, you can get a back injury.

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