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After aerobic exercise It is recommended to immediately end the year about 20 grams of Whey protein ingested, combined with 40 to 80 grams of fast-digesting carbohydrates (sugars). In this way the muscle fibers, plus sugars allow rapid recovery of glucose, which is essential to improve the metabolic performance recovered. Resistance exercise is not only going to increase So much effort for so little reward tells him not only cardiovascular exercise is not the best way to Xplosive Vital  lose weight, it is not even a particularly good way. It takes much less time and effort to burn fat with strength training. How do resistance training fight against fat? The idea of resistance training is not to find a light weight that can be lifted again and again until you get bored. The idea of resistance training to find a heavy weight that you can only press or lifting or moving from 3 to 12 times before his muscle strength is exhausted.

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