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C 2 liters of milk (may not be life long); 1 jar full of natural yogurt with milk yeast; Obs .: Both of the brand you prefer. For the success of the recipe, it is important to follow the step by step, do not skip anything or change the way they do. How to Prepare the Greek Yoghurt Step Exo Slim 1 Heat the milk 2 liters of milk must be heated in the microwave at about 180 ° maximum, or until bubbles begin to emerge on the edge, careful not to boil too. To achieve the necessary extent because of the difference in the microwave can be calculated somewhere around 15 minutes high power. Step 2 Cool the milk The milk needs to cool for about 40 minutes, or until it reaches a temperature of 40 ° to this, the use of a cooking thermometer is necessary, if not, test the lips, the same is made with melted chocolate. A tip at this point, the film formed on top of the hot milk must be removed before proceeding to Step 3. If you rush this process, stop the speed cooling just fill with ice cubes a large pan, and place in a bowl of hot milk to cool. Step 3 Adding yogurt Pour 2 liters of warm milk in a large baking dish with lid and add the yogurt milk that has yeast in their composition, and mix well. Step 4 Creating an incubator.

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