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A when he enrolled at the  max gain xtreme academy years ago) are: - Hypertension and diabetes - High cholesterol - Family history of heart attack or stroke - Smoking and sedentary - elderly - obese - Patients with joint pain and tendonitis. "In literature, some articles show that low and medium GI carbohydrates really are better max gain xtreme  for long-term activities (endurance)." Bodybuilding - carbohydrates We talk so much about balanced diet, but most of the time even the question arises of what would be ideal to eat before you start training. So I invited a nutritionist and physical educator Leonardo Rocha to help us with this issue. It is quite common to hear that it is essential to intake of low glycemic carbohydrates (low GI) before physical activity. Glycemic index is the ability and speed in food raise blood glucose, it can be classified as low (70). Then the question arises. It would be appropriate to generalize and apply to  max gain xtreme all the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrate before training? Important questions must be taken into consideration, such as: What is the purpose? Weight loss or hypertrophy? What is the intensity and duration of training? How max gain xtreme  long before training was last meal? As seen, there are many questions that must be answered and evaluated so that dietary balance is the more individualized .

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