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There are a few max gain xtreme preventive measures you can take to prevent a bloated belly Fortunately. In addition, there are many little tricks that contribute to the palliatives of complaints when it has caught you yet once again. LESS AND FREQUENT Eat smaller meals more frequently rather than three large ones. If you strain your digestive tract with a whole turkey for lunch, he will have it harder to chew than if it spread throughout the day with the bird feed. max gain xtreme LET YOURSELF TIME OVER LUNCH Hastily hinuntergeschlungene food upsets your stomach several times: first, do not chew enough, and your digestive tract has more to do with it, to put the food on the other hand it is very likely that with the fork not only the bite, but also a lot of air absorb, which then ends up in the stomach. The air in the abdomen may increase the oppressive feeling in addition. Another side effect of the slow chewing: You eat less automatically. Since the Sättigungsgrat starts only after 15 to 20 minutes, you should take your time when eating. 10-DAY SLIMMING PLAN: FREE DOWNLOAD NOW DRINK ENOUGH - BUT THE RIGHT When it comes to bloating is the (slender) Drinking an important issue. On the one hand you should definitely provide your belly enough liquid so that it can easily decompose the food - at least two liters a day -, on the other hand favor liquids such as coffee and alcohol meteorism because you stress the stomach. Also Cola and black tea are on the Prohibited List if you frequently suffer max gain xtreme from bloating. ON DIGESTION WALK HELPS movement is also toxic for the bloating. This means, firstly, that it does not like the nasty max gain xtreme midsection companion when you sweat regularly at the gym or outdoors, and secondly, that you after lunch for a walk - just a digestive walk - should make. WHAT HELPS AGAINST A bloating, wenn's .

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