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Diabetes Solution Kit Review The hunger therapy is one of the self healing methods of an organism. With any other technique you are supposed to influence the body from outside (it can be medical, physical therapy or other influence). At the nestiatria (or hunger therapy) you simply let an organism to heal itself. Most of external factors, which surround us, unfortunately, cause a considerable harm to an organism. Sedentary way of life, inappropriate eating habits, bad ecology and permanent stresses - here are the enemies of our health. Those treatment methods which are offered by the official medicine do not solve the problem. Trying to cure an illness, doctors do not treat its reason. And often the used medications only complicate a situation. A man begins from healing one disease and concludes treatment with the whole bouquet of side effects. Certainly, it is far simpler to visit a doctor and do not think about anything anymore. Just take pills and you'll forget about the problem. But it is quite not so. The natural mechanisms of self-healing of an organism get out of order because of the permanent use of medications. Just as broken bones can knit themselves, any disease can pass without outer interference. Our organism has a great number of possibilities to help itself, just do not impede.But you can say that you really do not prevent an organism from healing itself independently. Though it is in fact not true. Have you ever thought that digestion of food also takes a lot of energy? After a hearty dinner you get lazy, and you even have no power to move. These precious forces spent for digestion of meal an organism can use for self-healing. That is the main secret of a starvation effect.With the help of the hunger therapy you can treat a great number of diseases, but the most widespread problems are: obesity and all its consequences (hypertension, heart diseases, and problems with joints), slags and all its consequences (allergy, vessels problems, colds etc), nervous overstrains and depression. 

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