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Post your articles at various article directories, and make sure you read the rules of each article directory. Some don't allow affiliate links. Just do a Google search for article directories, and you'll be well on your way. You can also post your affiliate link in forums (again, make sure you read the rules), advertising websites, the list goes on.Every marketer online wants to find the best Internet marketing systems to guarantee their success online but most people still fail to take the correct actions even when they've found great Internet marketing systems. Well the first thing you must have if you've already found the best Internet marketing systems is a strong reason why. And it has to be more than just the money because money is not a great motivator. What will that money allow you to do? Whatever you think of, those are your reason's why you started marketing online. This is the first step you must take to guarantee success when marketing. The next action you must take to guarantee success with the best Internet marketing systems is to separate your friends from your foes.

 Now most people think of a foe as something like an enemy and a friend as someone who you care about and cares about you, but that's not what I'm talking about. My definition in this example is different. A foe is a person, place or thing that is pulling you away from your destiny. A friend is a person, place or thing that is pushing you toward your destiny. So now that you know the definitions to guarantee success in the best Internet marketing systems, you must cut out or limit your time with all your foes and spend all of your time with friends. A foe could be alcohol or a negative family member. A friend could be the library or a marketing training webinar. It is your job to spend as much time as possible with friend because your dreams depends on it. This is a must and is something most people fail to do when with the best Internet marketing systems. 

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