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You have had your website up for a while, and your site had been getting good traffic in the past, product launch calendar but lately you are seeing less and less visitors to your site. It is important to have your company website, but online marketing today consists of more than just having your company website. You have to build an online marketing army to really dominate the search results and drive more customers to your company. 

So what is an online marketing army? It is a group of sites that are focused at driving traffic to your business. Each of these websites is focused directly at what your visitors are searching for on the internet, and by having numerous websites, you can dominate the search results. But you will have to do a little more than just upload a couple websites to get the results that you need. 

In order to get the results that you are looking for from this army of websites, you must have a strategy in place. This online marketing strategy must address the content, keywords, and market that you are looking to drive visitors to.

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