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Shoulder Flexibility Solution What are intestinal parasites? They can be defined as parasites that tend to populate the gastro-intestinal tract. They spread in humans often due to poor hygiene due to feces buildup along with contact with animals, and poorly cooked foods containing parasites. The topic of intestinal parasites is something that most people aren't aware of, but certainly should be. These parasites can cause problems such as constipation, stomach bloating and other health issues. Some of the symptoms of intestinal parasites can include anemia, asthma, diarrhea, digestive disorders or a low immune system. There are over 100 types of these parasites that can exist in our bodies. People that have the intestinal parasites often are under-nourished, and are infected with viral, fungal or also bacteria. They are at risk for other health problems because the parasites affect the body's immune system, which has the job of fighting disease.When we cannot properly eliminate waste products, the perfect habitat is present for parasites. Since toxins and matter tends to build up on the colon walls, this is where the parasites will live. A way to combat this issue would be a colon cleansing program. The fecal matter buildup comes from constipation and poor dieting, including processed foods that are high in fat and sugar.  

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