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 I think one of the most neglected tools in investing is newsgroup. Why? Some people may believe that there are more gossips than useful news. However, this is not always the case. Newsgroup is an online group of people who intend to share their common interest and opinions on the internet. You can post all sorts of questions, crazy ideas, rebuttals, theories, rumours, and others that are related to a particular topic and let the others to respond to your posting or questions. Let's say if you have a question about a recent stock movement of Apple's shares, you may find dozens of second opinions on whether this is a good time to get into the market or throw off what you have in hands.

I know that many people love to join big established investment databases or to subscribe to investment newsletters such as the Wall Street Journal and the Investor's Business Daily. However, those services are paid (ranging from $20 to $30 per month). Given the fact that most newsgroups are free to join, I think newsgroup can be a valuable supplement to the main dish. Investors in newsgroup may come from all over the world. Indeed, this is a huge community containing a rich amount of info and opinions. I do not deny that the quality of information can range from zero to ten. This is because some of them are investor geeks, whereas some of them are just average Joes. Please bear in mind that most of the newsgroups are free to join. You don't need to pay a single dime! I think the most significant factor why an investor should join an investment newsgroup is to get some info that you may have overlooked. For example, you may get a piece of info about insider trading from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but you may not know how to interpret what the implication is upon a particular stock, not to mention how much data you have to sort through the SEC database. At times, you may just throw a question or a comment to a newsgroup about what you have found from the SEC, and you may get a lot of surprises from what other investors say. 
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