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Test your soil before ever The DIY Smart Saw Review starting your garden. You can buy inexpensive test kits at practically any store that sells gardening supplies. Alternatively, the county extension office will test your soil for you, as will some universities. By testing, you know what you need to do to amend your soil before you ever start your garden. Mulching is an excellent management move for any garden. Not only does it add nutrients, it impedes weed growth and water loss through evaporation. You can make your own compost or buy it from your garden supply shop. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of commercially produced mulch and are very sure of its origin. 

A common technique today is to add effluent from sewage treatment plants to recycled plant matter to produce mulch. While this is commendable from a recycling perspective, it might be better to reserve that type of mulch for use on non-edible plants! In conclusion, home gardening is something most of us can do. All you need is a small plot of ground or perhaps even a container or two that you can set on your porch or balcony. Home gardening saves money but, more importantly, it provides our family healthier food options. Another critical reason to choose to create a home garden is that you will lessen your impact on the environment. While the reduction of your impact all by itself may seem minimal, the reality is that more and more people are making similar decisions. Collectively, our efforts can make a very real difference. 

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