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Belly Melt For Women Sinusitis and allergies share some common symptoms such as nasal discharge, headache, high temperature and dental pain. Sinus problem is counted among the most common health problems that seek medical attention. Sinusitis affects nearly 30-40 million people each year in United States. Fortunately, there are many treatments and surgical therapies available to treat the nasal and sinus problems. People usually carry the similar symptoms in both the problems. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between the both. Your doctor may ask you to go for certain tests to diagnose if you have a bacterial or viral infection or it is just a sinus infection. Computerized tomography (CT) or MRI can help doctors to get better view of the nasal passage. If the symptoms are due to allergy, the various reasons of it are - * Dust and smoke * Food infection * Environmental allergies * Fungal infection Sinusitis is a serious problem that can bring adverse affects on the health of the person. The early symptoms of the sinusitis include common cold and flu that do not go away. It creates blockage of the nasal passages and hence, affecting the other pairs of sinuses which are located in forehead, above eyes and between cheeks. Before taking medical guidance it is advisable to take effective home remedies that can help a person from the pain and discomfort that sinus infection brings along. Following are some effective home treatments that are suggested to bring instant relief and comfort.

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