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When the government Lean Belly Breakthrough Review brought in various bans on the importation and the using of asbestos in products they assumed by the turn of the new millennium there would be a fall in the number of deaths attributed to asbestos.Unfortunately the exact opposite happened and the death toll continued to rise. After some research the government found that because very few landlords or tenants of non-domestic buildings had bothered to have their building surveyed to find the whereabouts of any asbestos containing materials thousands of maintenance workers were coming into buildings and drilling holes or cutting out panels etc and disturbing the asbestos and on a regular basis breathing in small amounts of deadly fibres. So as time went on they became infected and joined the numbers of people dying who had worked in the asbestos factories of the 50's and 60's.Out of all this chaos was born the "Control of Asbestos in the Workplace" legislation.

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