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Wine had the strongest effect on cognitive performance in this study. However, it was a relatively modest amount that had the biggest  effect, on the order of about half a glass per day. The Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Review  After that, there wasn't really any added benefit. The study did not include heavy drinkers to evaluate how much is too much. However, past studies have indicated about one to two glasses a day may be OK. White and red wines were not separated for this study either and many previous studies have implicated red wine more strongly in overall health.
But, several studies have also implicated any alcohol in moderation to improved cardiovascular tone, which probably translates into neurovascular health as well (the blood supply to the brain). A big caveat to all of this is that these older adults had likely been eating dark chocolate and drinking tea and wine for a long time. It's unclear how long is necessary to see beneficial effects for any of these, but like most things, it's likely that the earlier the better, but it's never too late to start. Of course, these studies are also associative, which means we can't say for sure that chocolate, tea and wine cause better cognitive performance, but those who use them seem to do better.

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