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There are several old world instances that you can run to make gold. The reason why this works is because there are not a lot of people farming the items and materials that come out of these old zones, yet there is still some demand for them. The demand isn't met and you make a lot of gold. The demand is generally lower so you can't just mass farm them usually but with a good rotation through several instances you can keep a steady supply of money going. For example, last week I farmed the live side of Stratholme, a level 55-60 instance.

I ended up with 14 Righteous Orbs by the end of the day, each which sold for over 140 gold. Righteous Orbs never sold for 140 gold that I can remember except when WoW first came out and groups for Stratholme were rare. I'm sure you can see how this can turn into gold making opportunities. Stratholme - My favorite instance. Not only will you get a ton of Runecloth to sell, but you'll also get Righteous Orbs and Blue drops from 10+ bosses which you can sell. If you're a disenchanter, there is a ton of money to be made in here off enchanting supplies as well. Scholomance - Same idea as Stratholme except no Righteous orbs, but a good collection of Runecloth and blues from bosses. Scarlet Monastery - Occasional boe blue drop from the zone. These are quick and easy, and will net you a sufficient amount of silk cloth, see how much that stuff is worth on your server before you go. The grey weapons that drop too are also worth near a gold, selling junk can really add up from here. 

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