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The Manifestation Blueprint Starter Kit

Next, if all you had to do were desire something, then bam, it manifested in front of you that life would be incredibly horrifying-particularly if you're fascinated negative things like me (sexual deviance, serial murder, rape, etc. are all part of my work as a philosopher). (Though, how interest in negative things works with the law of attraction is another article altogether, but suffice it to say that you can stay positive while thinking of negative things-drop me a line if you're interested in this topic.) And with dating, you wouldn't want it to be this way either: imagine if every time you had a negative thought about your lover (they're late so they must have died in a car crash; they're cheating on you; they don't love you; etc.), it instantly came true. 

To be honest, you probably like the fact that things manifest themselves in their own due time because that gives you a chance to tweak things and really get what you want. And if that's true, then there's no reason to be desperate about finding a lover-the right one is on its way to you. If you rush it or hastily pick someone, you may not be free or worse may be again bitter, heartbroken, and depressed when the right one comes-and they may pass you by hastily. A feeling of dread fueled by imagining our most feared outcome is exactly what puts the Creator force in motion to manifest our most undesired outcome, our worst fear..To correct this negative force we've created we have to reverse our intent by using our imagination to visualize the opposite of our fears. What does this look like?I'll use myself as an example. My siblings, friends and I are becoming elders and there is a real concern among us about being able to manage life on social security income. Without a miracle how will we be able to keep our homes and lifestyles? Many of us have negative pictures and fears playing like continual mind videos constantly reminding us of our vulnerabilities and feeding our fears.

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