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 Blame and vengeance is something that stays with us like a burdening companion throughout our life if we let it. We let it bear us down with it's weight when we focus on it and give it strength by allowing it to dictate our thoughts and feelings. If we allow it, it becomes our excuse as to why we have never achieved anything and why we'll always be mediocre or less. "My family has never had any money," or "My parents couldn't afford to send me to university," are just two of the many excuses we come out with to justify our failure to manifest prosperity. When we allow blame to rule our lives, we are just handing over the reins of our life to everyone else and allowing them to dictate our thoughts and feelings and ultimately our results in life.

 Instead of being responsible for ourselves and making decisions that better serve us, we allow our habitual patterns to control us and blame is one of those patterns. It's time to wake up and realise that WE are the ones in control, and no one else has any power over us unless we say and act like they do. Throw away the past and realise that in order to move on and manifest prosperity in your life then you have to take back those reins and steer yourself in the right direction. Observe yourself and you'll see the blame thoughts come to the surface at predetermined times as part of the program you were programmed with long ago. Stop the thoughts and you stop the negative feelings that follow. Don't put yourself down but just understand that you have lost your way and now you are facing in the right direction and ready to move on and get what you want and decide in life.Let's suppose you realize that you'll never get rich working for someone else. After all, how many rich employees do you know? Rich people tend to have their own businesses they've built up over the years.

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