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It is quite likely that the charges would be proportionate to the facilities offered. If you require only weight training, look for a gym with minimal facilities. Large gyms are likely to have facilities like tennis courts, pools, cardio equipment, and equipment for resistance and weight training, as well as a variety of other training options. Certain gyms have massage therapists with personal trainers. Carefully go through the brochure to select a gym that fulfills your requirements. Having shortened your list, you should visit a couple of gyms to find the one that you find most appealing. Many provide a complimentary pass to enable prospects to examine the facilities available and even try out some equipment. Look for a gym that extends this offer. An important benefit of visiting a gym is the fact that you come to know how packed it is, and by interacting with the staff you would know if they are helpful and friendly. You can also check the status of the equipment you intend using. And have no hesitation of asking any questions. 

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