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Our daily diets always include sugar in one form or the other, which is indeed necessary for our body. Sometimes, it will be in the form of fruits, and some other time, it will be sweets, cookies, chocolates, cakes and smoothies. But, fruits, as we all know, are of fewer calories and the natural sugar contained in them is not harmful to the body, compared to sweetened products. The sweetened products available in the market are usually made out of synthetic sugar, which is hard to be processed and eliminated by the body, and it gets deposited in the body as fat.Also, there are serious problems linked with too much consumption of sugar including obesity, imbalance in blood sugar levels, heart diseases, arthritis etc. One cannot completely exclude sugar from their diet, but can replace the synthetic sugar with natural sugar substitutes, thereby keeping the fitness of the body.The natural sugar substitutes are healthier and do not involve any processing like white sugar that would cause environmental pollution. They are widely available in the market and are not much expensive. Some of the healthy sweeteners have been discussed below. Any of these natural sugar substitutes can be included in your diet and you can stay healthy and fit.

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