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The Ex Factor Guide A lot of guys in this boat are introverted and shy. To the point of extreme anxiety. You know that she wants a confident man but when just talking to her gives you a "flight or fight" reaction then it is tough to portray confidence. Women do not respond to fear, as you well know.Negative thinking. When you have been down for so long, it is easy to fall into the "well, she is just going to reject me anyway" line of thinking. Guys who have never had a girlfriend before are more comfortable living in a negative world because it is safe for them. They do not have to risk anxiety and rejection and they can confirm the negative pattern that is imprinted on their brains. First of all, are you portraying the best physical appearance you can possibly portray? Teeth clean? Nails short? Wearing appropriate and stylish clothes with matching colors? Do you keep yourself at a healthy weight by eating right and working out? Comb your hair (or if bald like me, is your head shiny enough, ha)? Are there any physical defects you can correct like too much coffee stains on your teeth? You do not need to have movie star looks to get a girlfriend but you do need to be the best YOU can be physically.Take improvisation classes or acting classes to improve your humor, get into a public speech class to improve comfort in front of strangers, maybe go see someone with a sheepskin on their wall if your anxiety is so over the top you cannot communicate with people and never take women personally. 

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