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Surviving The Final Bubble NFL week 1 is upon us and the lines are out for bettors everywhere to make their selections. From office pools across American to the Vegas betting parlors, NFL handicapping is a billion dollar business and goes a long way in making the league the biggest ratings hit in all of sports. It is also our time at Your Winning Sports Picks to put all our off-season fine tuning with our hundreds of betting trends and angles to come up with winners like we have done for 15 years. So lets get on with it. Week 1 in the NFL is always a dicey betting proposition but also a potentially profitable one. The lines makers and just as in the dark as amateur bettors when it comes to how good a particular team is going to be and so Week 1 lines are always very volatile. The lack of knowledge on teams with only a short preseason to go on is what can cause a bettor to lose quite a bit in Week 1 but also at the same time have a chance to win big due to mistakes on the lines that the makers put out. I know on our end, we always advise to go slow Week 1 so you can study the results and get a solid read on teams going into week 2. New QB's on new teams, new coaches in new places, injuries, and many other factors make Week 1 tough to figure out. So all in all our best advice is to bet low if you must and go from there. Looking at the lines for Week 1 confirms our thoughts on this as I can honestly say that I haven't seen this many home underdogs in one week in a very long time. The home underdog angle has always been a very profitable one that sharp bettors always look at due to the fact that the home team is usually the team that's in worse shape than the road squad and thus the lines makers are begging the public to go with the visitor. The smart money however is to go with home team as an NFL squad that is a home underdog takes this as a huge insult and this gives their best effort nine times out of ten in order to "show" the lines makers that they are much better than they are give credit for. Of course this is not a fool proof plan but over the last ten years home underdogs have beaten the spread at a 57 percent clip. That my friends is profit and that's the name of the game. That is also just one of the dozens of systems and trends we rely on to make our selections as safe as possible.

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