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You may also realistically find out The Profit Hack how much two of you like each other anymore and how much you want to live with each other. Sometime it may be only religious, cultural. moral, social and/or economic and financial factors keeping you together. You may have to think, discuss and mutually consider, is it really worth to live together and how much? If there is lake of interest, can it be revived and how? Remembering and recalling the past works sometime. 

Like how did you meet? How much you liked and loved each other? What did you like about each other? How you have been there for each other under all circumstances? Remembering, talking about and watching the pictures and videos of main events of your life like, your love before marriage, engagement, marriage, honeymoon, birth of a child, etc. You can also talk about and find out where the flame is still burning? What do you still like about each other? What about him/her still turns you on? What are the reasons you should stay together or the reasons that are keeping you together? Regardless of all the factors, how much this relationship still means to you?

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