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Reading Head Start I'm a case manager for a big-city school. I trained to be a counselor, received a Master's in that field, was hired as a counselor, and occasionally even counsel. But I'm a case manager. In my city, the secret code is that counselor = case manager. Several years and a lot of loose change spent at Northeastern Illinois University to the contrary, most of my life is spent managing special education cases, and the people thereof. Case management involves a lot of legal doings. Improper procedures can and do lead to court cases. If a case is late, you're out of compliance and can be sued. If you deny a person his right to an evaluation, you're out of compliance and can be sued. If the proper people are not invited to the meeting that decides the eligibility of the student, you're out of compliance and... well I think you know what I'm trying to say. I hear these three words fairly often, issued as a threat. I've even done my share of motivating with that phrase. Out of compliance. I got thinking the other day about how that works in the church. The revealed and written-down Word of God is our basis for law. The new law, to be sure, but law nonetheless. Justified by grace through faith for sure, but brought into the ways of God just as surely, formed into His image. And there are a lot of ways to be out of compliance to the character of God. Our interpretations of Scripture are the easiest way to set up a Heavenly lawsuit, it seems to me. Our combinations of Scripture that form our theology - and everyone has a theology - can lead us down a path whereby the Judge of all may have to call us for a side-bar, or more. For example. Scripture : Be anxious for nothing. Added to human logic: nothing must include the needs of my neighbor too. Which means: I don't have to be concerned about my needs or my neighbors'. Which leads to the conclusion James reached: just tell people by faith to be warmed and filled, and they will be warmed and filled, and you can merrily walk on down the road, as the Pharisee you are...

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