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Erect On Demand The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and ligaments situated at the bottom of the pelvis and form a sling like support for pelvic organs. Part of the floor, the perineum, may be seen externally as the area that lies between the thighs, from the anus to the external genitals. Backache may sometimes be related to a weak or slack pelvic floor and the resulting effect on internal structures, albeit indirectly. One way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is to practice the perineal exercise several times a day. Because it is an exercise you can do without anyone knowing, you can easily integrate it into your daily routine activities. Here is the step to perineal exercise. First, sit, lie or stand comfortably. Relax your jaw and breathe regularly through your nose. Then, exhale and tighten your perineum, exterior region between the anus and the external genitals. Hold the tightness as long as your exhalation lasts. Do not tighten your jaw. After that, inhale and relax. Breathe regularly and rest. Repeat the exercise several times during the day. The pelvic floor muscles form a sling like structure that supports the internal organs. A weak pelvic floor can lead to back pain and incontinence so it is important to exercise it.

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