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A research was carried in 1960s by The Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report Harvard cardiologist, Dr Herbert Benson, which states that the physiological changes can be brought about by implementing some relaxation techniques, such as muscle relaxation, exercises, deep breathing and yoga. This sort of relaxation techniques are often a part of therapy programs and angina management programs. It is not always possible to have access to such programs, if it is hard to get any program, you can learn these techniques yourself as they are easy to learn and make use of them to keep yourself calm and relaxed after a heart surgery. Some of the well known muscle relaxing and tensing techniques and methods are given below for your convenience: 

Find any quiet corner in your home, where no one will disturb you. Stay there for about ten minutes undisturbed. Loosen any tight clothing, remove your shoes and better to hook off your phone.Now lie down or simply sit at ease. You can use cushions to support your back in order to relieve any pains or aches. If you close your eyes softly, you will far better and relaxed.Next thing is to relax your muscles. Starting from feet, going up to rest of your body and pay special attention those areas or muscles which you think are under stress. Relax each group of muscles in the same way.

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