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Cat Spraying No More Review  Yesterday, I was fortunate to come upon a week old stray kitten at my door; the poor thing was sick and hungry. I gave it all the love I had and rushed it to the vet. After two visitations for cold medication, my kitten started to get much better. Then I started to notice this ring shaped rash on my kitten's skin. So I went back to the vet and told him that my kitten had ringworm and needs treatment. I turns out that my kitten carried ringworm all this time and the vet was not able to diagnose it after the first few visits. He (the vet) then gave me further details and explanations about this condition, which is also the reason why you are hearing this story in the first place. As part of the fungus family, ringworm can be passed from one animal to the next, or even from a person to an animal - in some cases it can even be acquired just from certain ringworm infested soil contact. In which case might be the reason why my pet had it in the first place. Ringworm is basically identifiable in animals because it manifests as round lesions without hair. In other occasions, scaly skin may also be present in the center of the lesion. In cats, ringworms usually can be found in the ears, head or tail. With other infections, ringworm may or may not appear circular in shape. In time the lesion can spread on the nose, chin, face and lips of your cat. It can also sometimes appear as an autoimmune disorder, which is probably one of the reasons for my once malnourished kitten. Thinning of the hair in front of the ears is very common in malnourished pets (those with hair that is), which was the only hair loss my kitten ever had. The bad news is that, by the time I discovered it, the infection has already spread to my other pet cat, my dog, and me.How effective the ringworm treatment will be depends on you and your vet. The vet may advice you to use an antifungal cream in order to handle small isolated lesions; or may advise oral medication if he/she deems that the condition is beyond what creams or other skin applications may handle. They (vets) may even prescribe lime sulphur dip in some cases. The dips of course smell terrible and may turn the coat of your cat yellowish for a short span of time. So far, one of the most effective treatments against ringworm would be the use of antifungal shampoo. The other half of the treatment, well, it's basically up to you. Once your cat is infected with ringworm, prompt and decisive steps should be taken in order to prevent the infection from spreading. One way that might contribute to faster spreading is through your pet's bedding. Fabrics and other types of materials such as gym mats, etc. Which is why you have to be constant in washing everything that your pet sleeps on with hot water and bleach combination every day, or at least every other day. In your pet cat however since they are able to sleep almost anywhere around the house and since it's not practical for you to wash everything that he/she sleeps on, have your furniture covered with sheets that can be easily removed and washed daily. If he/she (your cat) does have a bed, make sure that you clean them up with hot water and bleach everyday as well. During this time, and while in treatment, try to minimize contact with your cat for the time being. If you have other pets inside the house, make sure that you treat them for ringworms as well as this will help prevent further instances. Treatment is usually continued until two negative lab tests comes back, signifying that you pet is ringworm free. 

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