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Kultida Woods has been a Buddhist since birth and so has Tiger. Living Buddhism looks to the core of the human spirit, and lives outwardly from that place of authentic power. Nothing about Buddhism is superficial; Absolute Success Coaching  nothing is petty, nothing is egotistical, but everything is serious. Life is taken very seriously and very personally. The Tiger Woods Foundation, in my opinion, is not the result of the influence of Earl, so much as it is of Kultida Woods. It is the outward manifestation of this serious and fundamental view of life and the world.

Tiger recently surprised many by saying that golf was not the most important thing in his life. Anyone who understands him would know that.Some people may not know this, but the mind is a very powerful tool, that if used effectively, you can attract wealth, success and love. The power of the mind can unleash many positive things into your life, but you must have some knowledge how to use this. You must have some techniques to achieve the best results, otherwise you really can't reach your full potential. There are different mental techniques you can try that will unlock the secrets to a successful life. Here are some of them elepathy: Some people say this is mind reading, but this is actually a way for two minds to communicate without saying words or using sign languages. Not all people can do this. It takes great skill and focus in order to be successful at it. If not careful, this could be a source of evil deeds, however, what most people take for granted is that this can also put into good use.

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