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The Four Percent Group Even in today's internet age, direct mail marketing still accounts for 24% of all media marketing expenditures. According to University of British Columbia market researchers Darren W. Dahl, JoAndrea Hoegg, and University of Manitoba researcher Rajesh V. Manchanda, of various media from phone book ads, magazine advertising, and newspaper ads generally show better response rates to color printing. Color promotional material has shown to facilitate attention, recall, positive attitudes, and perceived quality. The researchers from British Columbia and Manitoba developed an empirical methodology to measure the differences between emotional responses and the positive effect of color direct marketing pieces in a publication titled Understanding the Effective Use of Color in Direct Marketing Communications. The study results were published by the Direct Marketing Association. The study asked participants to evaluate a direct mail brochure that contained emotional text trigger words. Participants were then asked to fill out a brief survey. As predicted, the researchers were able to demonstrate a statistically significant positive effect of color marketing on brand attitude and found the pattern to be repeatable. The overall conclusion of the study was that color direct mail is more likely to evoke an emotional response and can positively influence consumer behavior in low involvement situations. With advancements in digital color quality and efficiency, color direct mail is more cost effective then ever before. Digital technology allows for full color print addressing to be applied to paper stock across a single run through the press. Set up time is minimal and digital printing has little or no set up costs. For the consumer this results in a much cheaper per unit print cost. Furthermore, direct mailing lists have become easier to identify specific target markets.

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