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Binary no-touch (also called a Ice 9 Technology lock-out)- A binary option in which the trader only receives payout at expiry only if the binary never reached or extended beyond a predetermined price before expiry (known as the touch barrier). For example, if an option of is traded for as a binary no-touch option and predicted that the price at expiry will not reach or fall below the range. The price of the option either reaches or falls below and the trader loses all but or the price of the option never reaches or falls below the pre-determined price of and the trader receives his payout. This is a good trade for instances in which a trader predicts resistance in an option breaking above a certain price, but expects that the option will not fall below a certain price.

Binary double no-touch (also called double lock-out or range binary)- A binary in which the trader only receives payout at expiry only if the binary never reached or extended beyond either of the two predetermined barriers. For example, if a trader buys a double no-touch option at a price of with as the upside barrier level and as the downside barrier level. The option moves during the trade period between and making the trade "in-the-money." The trader receives his payout.Had the option broken either barrier, trading over or falling below the trade would have been out-of-the-money and the trader would not have received his payout. Double one-touch- A binary option in which the trader receives payout at expiry if the binary reaches or extends beyond either one of the two predetermined barriers. If neither barrier is touched at the time of expiry, the trade is out-of-the-money and the trader does not receive a payout.

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