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The 6-Figure Speaker Running a business is no easy task and while you may not be a tech wizard, your business can benefit from having a virtual office. May sound scary if your used to your old PBX systems and are accustomed to traditional communication types, but the reality of it all is that Virtual Office is actually easier for the end user (you) than you might think. The first thing you must learn about a virtual office is that you don't need to upgrade anything in your physical office for the service. As a matter of fact, you eliminate the needs for expensive hardware and can say goodbye to your old PBX forever. iPBX is a technology that now allows the end user to enjoy a full line of multi routing and answering features while only maintaining a simple office phone(s). Additionally the iPBX technology allows portability of features from any high speed Internet connection allowing locations all over the world to be used as an office while on the go for yourself or your executives giving you an edge in productivity and less employee downtime during important business trips. All that is required is the users be on the business account. Obviously setting up additional satellite offices are nothing more than an extra bill to upgrade another user to the network somewhere else in the world. This allows you to grow your business overseas with more efficiency and allows a new office to automatically be put into the calling system router. Having a virtual office also allows you to save money on phone bills. Using VoIP technology, the rates can usually be up to 70% lower than with traditional calling lines while maintaining quality voice communication. With virtual office you receive both local and long distance through one billing provider which alone saves a substantial amount of money. Many virtual office providers like Packet8 also offer unlimited international and national calling plans which can even further drastically reduce phone costs.   

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