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A popular system is the Sports Betting Champ. John Morrison, a Cornell University graduate who has his PhD in statistics, developed the system. After 5 years of research, John found a formula that can predict MLB and NBA games correctly 97% of the time.Over the past 5 MLB seasons, John has won 194 bets, losing just one time. Over this same time period, he has won 292 NBA bets, losing just 8 times. This includes a 7 and 0 start on the 2008-2009 season. The Gambling Times Magazine ranked this betting system number one in the field. Another outlet for betting advice is a sports handicapper.

 This is usually a season long relationship and he or she talks to you directly, offering sports advice and giving you some picks.Most of these sports handicappers offer picks that win about 60% to 70% of the games. This doesn't compare to the sports betting system but it is better than most people can do on their own. This is going to cost you a couple hundred dollars more than the sports betting system mentioned previous. Some offer a one-day trial for about $20. In addition, when winning bets at this rate, you must put more money on each bet to make any serious cash.The most anticipated MLB baseball event will once again tickle the sanity of every baseball betting participants. Most of them are already excited and preparing to gather more sports betting free picks and familiarize themselves with baseball handicapping. Who wouldn't be when it talks about winning loads of cash for this big event on baseball betting.

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