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 Some people would think that in order to start business, you need to work and that you need to accumulate capital. There are two parts to this. The first is yes, you do you need a lot of experience to start a business. The second part is you do need a lot of capital. A question people ask, do you need a lot of experience in a certain business to start a business, I would say yes, you do. But people say I've never worked before and they ask, "Where did you get the experience from". Well here's some of my personal experience that will answer this question. Well I did work. It's just that I started very, very young. And in fact a lot of the work that I did was voluntary work. I was not paid but yes, I did. Like for example, the first business I ever started was the mobile disco business. I started at 15 years old and for those of you who do not know what a mobile disco is; basically you own a set of equipment, lighting, sound system. And when people have got parties, like for example birthday parties, functions, dinner and dance, you go up there, you set up the disco. And in fact, before I set up that mobile disco company, I learned it from another company by working for them part time as a DJ. Even before that, I went to my own parties and that's how it started basically The next part is about capital. Well, do you need a bit of capital? It took me $2,000 to start my mobile disco company. 

A lot of people have this mindset, that you need hundreds of thousands and from my personal experience, no you don't, you can start with just a few thousand dollars. The 6-Figure Speaker 

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