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Staff at a nursing home rehabilitation center also assists people who suffer from physical conditions that interfere with basic daily activities. For example, dysphagia tends to be a common condition among the elderly; this condition makes it difficult for seniors to swallow food, water, and medication. People with this affliction feel that they are choking or unable to swallow these substances. In worst case scenarios, sufferers lose weight, choke on their food or medication, or develop pneumonia by aspirating substances into their lungs. Therapists assist these individuals by teaching techniques that make swallowing easier. They may also position patients differently in their beds or at their tables to facilitate eating and drinking. If all else fails, therapists can discuss remedies that include feeding tubes or intravenous hydration.

 Patients at this facility may be surprised that their therapies are not dull and lack entertainment. In fact, a nursing home rehabilitation center may use a Wii game system as part of people's daily therapies. Playing a virtual game of bowling, tennis, baseball, basketball, and more lets people work out while having fun. Even more, playing video games has proven to be beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. Patients often look forward to playing the Wii as part of their rehabilitation processes. This approach and others like it allow senior citizens to regain their mobility, improve their health, and overcome challenges to their wellbeing. They can benefit from staying at this facility. 

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