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Toned In Ten 

Lastly there was Elliot P Joslin who was well known for his study of diabetes. He formed the self help diabetes program in which he used to inform his patients about his knowledge of the disease. He later went on to form the famous Joslin Diabetes Center. Water is very important. It gives life to all living things. Survival rules say that you can last for three weeks without food but only three days without drinking or taking in water. That is why when outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, and campers go on an adventure trip, one of the most important things they bring are food and a camping water filter. Clean water means healthy body. The presence of some specific microbodies affects the body of the person. The very common effect is disease. People who drink bad water, i.e., dirty water or contaminated water, acquire water-borne diseases, of which there are many. Legionella is one such microbial contaminant. Legionella is a bacterium that caused the outbreak in 1976 where 29 people who attended the Legionnaire's convention in Philadelphia died. This microorganism lives in standing or stagnant water sources like ponds, wells, etc. The scientific name of Legionella is Legionella pneumophila and it causes a respiratory infection called Pontiac fever. It is also responsible for Legionnaire's disease.

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