Marianna Cady Heron
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Is your Deadlift or Squat hurtin'? Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review Try performing some jumps before your pull or squat. Do about 5 jumps either onto a plyo box, on stairs, over a bench, or just do Vertical Jumps. I picked this up from Joe Defranco and it always seems to help get the big leg exercises going after hitting a wall. 

One of my football players hit a 10lb P.R. in the Trap Bar Deadlift after weeks of stagnation after adding the jumps. Many others have seen similar increases. 

Static stretching just before lifting heavy or performing athletically is not always a good idea...except for the calfs and hip flexors.

In most athletes, these two areas are notoriously tight and relaxing them prior to going all out can help increase performance. Football players are notoriously bad in this area!


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