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I haven't talked to anyone with bad posture that didn't already know they had it. They've tried to do things to help their posture, but their strategy was off. If you think you can "remember to sit up straight" and have Diabetes Freegood posture, you're going to have a tough time. Good posture is about stretching the front of your body (like the neck and chest) and, even more importantly, strengthening the back of your body (especially the neck and upper back). There's no support, brace, or remembering device out there that can accomplish the long term benefits and rapid results you'll get from working on strengthening your neck and back. Does good posture really matter? Is it just a "nice" thing to do, or should you move it up your priority list for healthy things you'd like to improve? Here are a few things that bad posture does to your body:Instead of focusing on stress, I'm going to talk about "Being Present" (there's a connection). For myself, being in the present moment doesn't come naturally to me because I'm a dreamer so I tend to be focused on the future. However, not all of that time that I spend focusing on the future has felt good because like most of us when our minds are in the future we tend to be stressing, worrying, anxious or afraid. This is the exact opposite of what it means to be present.

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